A guide to nozzle types

A guide to nozzle types

This article shows how to match a pressure washer nozzle or spray tip for your selected surface/ material. The idea is to ensure an efficient and thorough clean with no damage, as using the wrong nozzle could result in:

  • Damage to your wooden decking
  • Stripping paint from your boat, car, motorbike, bicycle
  • Boring holes into precious Edinburgh sandstone


Here’s a brief overview of the main 5 types of nozzles:


Black Nozzle

The black nozzle is a low-pressure detergent nozzle and best used when applying detergents for your cleaning projects.


White Nozzle

The white 40-degree nozzle is ideal for cleaning delicate substrates like wood, painted brick, painted sidings.


Green Nozzle

The green 25-degree nozzle is perfect for sweeping away grime, dirt and mud. Use it to clear leaves from driveways, decking and pavements.


Yellow Nozzle

The yellow 15-degree nozzle is typically used for surface preparation such as removing dirt, mildew or loose paint, and can be used on most substrates.


Red Nozzle

The red zero-degree nozzle delivers a very concentrated jet of water. This nozzle is typically used for removing very tough stains and debris from concrete and metal. Do not use this nozzle on wood or siding, as this jet is very powerful and can easily damage softer surfaces.

How to clean and check nozzles?

Cleaning and checking nozzles is important for optimum performance. Dirt or residue can quickly build up so you should look to remove any dirt with a soft brush or with compressed air. Please note that you shouldn’t use a hard brush or any other hard object (such as a needle) as this can damage the nozzle. Special care is required with a plastic nozzle, as this nozzle is more likely to get damaged than a nozzle made of stainless steel. Also worthy of note is Soda as a cleaning agent. This method is perfect for cleaning of nozzles by immersion and then thoroughly rinsing with water to ensure completely clean.


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Written by Nick Colvin – www.nickcolvin.com