What is Pressure Cleaning?

What is Pressure Cleaning?

Pressure cleaning or power washing is a high-pressure water in a spray form that removes mold, paint, grime, dirt, mud, chewing gum and dirt from hard surfaces and objects.

A pressure washer is essentially a water pump powered by an electric motor or engine. The washer takes in regular water from a tap or tank, the pump then accelerates the water to a very high pressure, and then fires it from a hose through a jet at speed. Water can be cold or hot and there are many different types of machines that can be attached to end of the hose to produce different results.

A pressure washer should do the leg work and make cleaning tasks effortless by blasting out a jet of water to knock the dirt off any surface. Pressure washers use significantly less water than the common garden hose – making it much more efficient and sustainable.

Pressure cleaning is perfect for cleaning concrete as it easily removes dirt, mould, chewing gum, oil and other stains. Additionally, pressure washing can make your wooden decking look like new.

Is there a benefit of using hot water pressure washers over cold water pressure washers?

The application and substrate will play a major role in determining whether you require a hot or cold water pressure washer. Cold water pressure washers are ideal for removing dirt from most surfaces and coupled with accessories like rotating brushes, increase the cleaning power and ultimately decrease cleaning time. However, if you are cleaning surfaces that are oily or greasy, using hot water is essential, as this helps transition them into a thinner, less viscous liquid for easier removal. In a warmer state oil and grease is more  susceptible to being broken up or deformed.


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