Blast Cleaning

Blast Cleaning

Blast cleaning or Media blasting offers the ability to remove surface contaminates, grease & oils, paint corrosion, dirt, rust and coatings safely and quickly. Something we cannot always do with water based pressure cleaning. It leaves surfaces both clean and safe. We have a large choice of blast media to suit many different tasks and surfaces and have cleaned cars, engine parts, boats, shipping parts, machinery and stonework. It’s a modern version of sand blasting but much more controlled and gentle – look up soda blasting as an example.



Our ECO Blast cleaning service is fully mobile so we travel to you. Our van is kitted out with a powerful compressor, a multi media blast system that we can use selected types of media for light abrasive blasting and cleaning.


Blasting is suitable to clean many types of hard surfaces removing paint, dirt and other contaminants quickly and efficiently. We can clean many surfaces e.g. Metals – Steel & Stainless Steel, Cast Iron, Aluminium, Copper, Brass & Bronze plus Wood and Fibreglass too.