Fire Damage Cleaning and Restoration

Fire Damage Cleaning and Restoration

Experienced with cleaning and removing soot and fire damage quickly and effectively. Blasting with Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) makes wood, brick, metal, stone and concrete look like new and it also removes the odour of a fire. We are fully mobile and able to clean both buildings internally and externally. Soda blasting is a quick and eco friendly solution to clean gently with no damage and it costs less than replacement.



Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration. Soda blasting is the best way to clean and remove fire damage, soot and the odour. Soda leaves a clean finish to building components. Brick, stone and wood are left clean, looking like new and the odour gone. It’s a fast process which costs less than rebuilding.


Our systems are mobile, environmentally friendly and cost-effective. Soda blasting quickly and efficiently removes the smoke damaged top layer without harming the underlying substrate material.