Paint Removal Edinburgh

Paint Removal Edinburgh

Looking to remove paint from a surface? We can certainly help with paint removal in Edinburgh and have experience cleaning all different types of painted coatings from many types of surfaces. From complete buildings, basements to boat antifoul removal. Consequently we can help with both large and smaller jobs and have 4 different methods for the best results.


First of all we can help with paint spills and complete paint removal in Edinburgh. Furthermore we work with you to provide the correct solutions to clean without damage and to preserve the original substrate.


Also, we use the latest machinery and technologies to achieve the results you want. This can be cold water, superheated water and soda or media blasting or sometimes a combination of these. Certainly, if you wish to remove paint on delicate substrates in Edinburgh, like masonry or sandstone, this is typically the best method. And unlike conventional pressure washers, the system combines high temperature and pressure with low water volume. As a result this provides a ‘superheated’ liquid spray at 150°C. Finally, it also uses less water than conventional pressure washers.


Firstly, Sodablasting is a non-destructive process used for stripping paint and varnish ideal for automotive restoration, graffiti removal, rust removal, any delicate substrates as well as sandstone and stonework.


Secondly, one of the main reasons that sodablasting is the perfect cleaning and restoration method for cars and motorbikes is that it is inherently rust preventive. In conclusion, if you hire Eco Pressure Clean to remove paint from your car or motorbike, you are not only cleaning it and preparing it for further restoration processes but you are also taking a critical step to preserving its integrity. As a result you can enjoy it for many more years to come.

In conclusion our Edinburgh Exterior Cleaning Services Include

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