Commercial Cleaning

Commercial cleaning

We provide solutions and cost savings for all commercial properties including; offices, shops, hotels, bars, restaurants and cafes. We’ve also worked with Local Authority and on Government buildings.

We are usually called in to help at the end of a lease e.g. Dilapidation or when a building looks unsightly.

Experienced in ground & low level cleaning we can also help with warehouse cladding and building cleaning. IPAF trained to operate powered access equipment (cherry pickers & scissor lifts) safe access to high levels is not a problem.

We also have a Hot or steam powered cleaner on hand – high pressure is not always the answer when cleaning cladding or building exteriors. We have access to a range of cladding cleaning products which safely remove years of dirt and traffic film quickly leaving your building clean and safe.

Edinburgh Warehouse Cleaning

Removal of dirt, lichen and stains from low and high levels from building exteriors fully trained staff for safe cleaning works.

Scotland Warehouse Cladding Cleaning

Our van mounted cleaning systems are fast and fully portable, we can start quickly and clean hundreds of square metres in a shift. We also have portable machines where access may be tricky.

Commercial-cleaning-edinburgh Commercial-cleaning-edinburgh

Edinburgh Shopfront Cleaning

Our team knows how important a spotless shop front is to your business. We’ve worked with many Edinburgh shops – from small boutiques to large chains and shopping centers – we’ve done it all. We also work with many Edinburgh restaurants and office complexes.

Every property presents a new challenge, and we’re ready to bring the most efficient cleaning solutions to your space. Your business deserves a flawless first impression.


Recent Commercial Clients

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Our Edinburgh Exterior Cleaning Services Include

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