Graffiti Removal Edinburgh

Eco Pressure Clean use state of the art equipment that is designed to cleanse surfaces gently but thoroughly. We fully assess the extent of any graffiti on your property to determine the best course of action as different surfaces require different care – especially sandstone. If the unsightly markings are on the side of your building we can use our specialist pressure washing equipment to make short work of the paint. If brickwork or sandstone requires a gentler touch, we can use other technology that is meant for a clean that is gentle enough to protect the surface without causing any further damage.

Eco Pressure Clean has a separate website dedicated to the removal of graffiti and spray paint. Over at you can find more detail on how the team deal with graffiti and vandalism.

We clean all types of brick and stonework around the Edinburgh and Lothians area.

Graffiti can be tough to get rid of, but graffiti removal services from Eco Pressure Clean will get rid of all signs that the graffiti was ever there. While you could attempt to get rid of the graffiti on your own, using water and a brush simply won’t do the trick. In summary, whether you own a flat, a sandstone townhouse or run a business, our graffiti removal services will restore the curb appeal of your building and leave it looking the way you want.



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