Surface Contamination

Whatever the contaminant, the experienced team at Eco Pressure Clean have the knowledge and latest equipment to guarantee great results.

Maintaining clean surfaces is crucial for a healthy and aesthetically pleasing environment. However, not all surface contaminants are the same, and different substances require specific cleaning treatments and methods. Below is an overview of some of our more popular cleaning services.

Algae, Moss and Lichen

Algae, moss and lichen thrive in damp environments and tend to be more prevalent in Autumn and Winter. If left untreated they can pose a serious slip hazard on decking, patios and basement steps. Speak to our team today to find out how we can help.


Atmospheric staining / General pollution

Atmospheric pollution & general grime is a common contaminant that accumulates on various surfaces, typically near busy roads with high volumes of traffic. We have helped many residential and commercial clients get their properties back to their best.


Chewing Gum

With the use of heat, steam and high-pressure, we not only remove the offending chewing gum from the surface, but we remove the stain residue underneath the gum where it typically has been compacted onto the surface.



If you are looking to have Graffiti removed in the Edinburgh area we can help. Understanding the different surface types the graffiti is on often will determine the success of the solution, especially if its on Sandstone!


Oil and Grease

Oil and grease stains are common on driveways and patios. Over time where you park your car can become stained with oil, petrol and grease. Find out how we can help remove those stubborn stains.



Eco use a DOFF steam washing system alongside specialist chemicals to uncover the paint on your property. usually be successful in returning your property to its original aspect. Our professional paint removal service is the best way to give your property a facelift or remove unsightly graffiti. We use industry leading techniques to remove all types of paint finishes.



Rust can be challenging to remove, especially on metal surfaces. Our specialist rust remover means no more abrasive scrubbing with a wire brush!


Over the years Eco Pressure Clean have removed many different types of surface contaminants. Whether you’re based in Edinburgh, Lothian or elsewhere in the Central Belt, our team of commercial cleaning experts are on hand to help. We offer a wide range of services, so whatever your needs, we’re sure to be able to help!